Agricultural Products Trading & Transportation

Mitchel Enterprises is a business exchange that supplies modern feed ingredients plus handling and transportation of agricultural products. Our company leverages the expertise of trucking experience of Jan Mitchel and the merchandising experience of Leon Mitchel.

Trading & Transportation Services

  • Trading of grain and feed ingredients with established feed companies and agricultural suppliers;
  • Merchandising of feed ingredients and grain;
  • Trading by-products that are made available from animal feed ingredient processors and human food manufacturing;
  • Rail-to-truck transfer of feed ingredient and agricultural products, and the delivery of those products;
  • Warehousing of bulk feed ingredients, bulk products, bagged products, and flat storage;
  • Specialized transportation for ag products, including high cube hopper trailers, dump trailers, walking floor trailers, and pneumatic trailers;
  • Truck and transportation brokerage.

Mitchel Enterprises Corporation is wholly owned and privately held by Jan Mitchel and Leon Mitchel. Both Jan and Leon have extensive experience as farmers and livestock producers in Indiana and in Michigan. Their experience has helped them build strong relationships with many customers and suppliers.

The Mitchel Team

Jan Mitchel

Jan Mitchel was the founder and owner of Mitchel Trucking, a successful feed ingredient trucking company serving the Midwest since 1985. In addition to grain marketing, Mitchel Trucking managed a fleet of trucks and owner-operators serving the region. Jan's expertise in transportation enhances Mitchel Enterprises' distinct competitive edge.

Leon Mitchel

Leon Mitchel's career experience includes 30 years as a merchandiser of feed ingredients and agricultural by-products. Leon's expertise in merchandising feed ingredients in the Tri-state area solidifies our company's effectiveness.

Luke Brite

Luke is our Operations Manager. He oversees DOT compliance and manages our preventative maintenance. He also aides Jan and Leon with dispatching and merchandising. He is our factotum.

Nikki Callahan

Nikki has been our Office Administrator for over a decade. She manages all Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. She prepares payroll and taxes, supervises the hiring process and handles the day-to-day office operations.

Libby Christner

Libby Strickler is one of our Administrative Assistant’s. She is primarily responsible for invoicing and customer service.

Leon Mitchel and Jan Mitchel, owners Our Mechanics

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